The TRUTH About GlutenThe TRUTH About Gluten (DOES IT MAKE YOU FAT?) – Is it the latest nutrition craze or something you should seriously be considering in your efforts to drop weight and lose body fat. Guys, today we’re going to talk all about gluten-free diets and whether or not that’s the right fit for you. What’s up, guys? Today we have to talk about one of the biggest buzz words in nutrition and one that you’ve had to have heard unless you’ve been living under a rock, and that is gluten and gluten-free diets.
But what I want to do, guys, is cover A. What is it? B. What’s it mean for YOU? And C. What would it mean for you if you were trying to lose weight and whether or not you fall into a category where you might have to worry about gluten and gluten-free diets in the first place. Ok. So, first of all, what is gluten? Gluten is a protein molecule that we find in three primary grains; wheat, barley, and rye. And also as a food additive in things like low and non-fat dressings and deli meats and soy sauce. So, it’s not just something that we associate with grains or wheat but it’s something that is a lot more pervasive and therefore could be a much bigger challenge for those of us who have a problem. Secondly, we have to figure out who has a problem, so there’s two things going on here, guys.
When someone talks about gluten, we have to know that there is a gluten intolerance, which means you can’t tolerate it. This is what’s called celiac disease. Ok. Celiac disease is actually an autoimmune disease, so think about the difference here. Where gluten is actually seen as an antigen, something your body and your immune system needs to attack. Just as a virus would need to attack. It’s going to attack the gluten antigen thus it’s going to create an inflammatory reaction throughout your intestines which creates a permeability or an increase in sort of the breakdown of your intestines so that there’s a mal absorption going on .You’re not absorbing foods as well. You have a lot of stomach discomfort. You have bloat, but it’s an actual inflammatory autoimmune eating disorder.
This is a serious disorder, but the good news is that it’s only prevalent in less than 1%of society. So, people might say, “Well, if this is all overblown than it’s really not a big deal. Gluten intolerance and gluten-free diets are all sort of being blown up for commercial marketing. “It’s not true guys, because you got to look at the other side of the coin here and that is gluten sensitivity.
This I feel is one of the under diagnosed, potentially under diagnosed, areas because there is no great diagnosis for it. There’s no blood test. There’s no specific antigen that shows up for this because you are not necessarily having the same reaction as you are here. You are just sensitive to the molecule. It’s irritating to you. And here again, the only way we can really figure out if we fall into that category is with an elimination diet where we take all the gluten-rich foods out of our diet, and then see what our heal this like. Did we lose more weight, if that was our goal? Do we feel better? Do we have less stomach discomfort after eating? This could be as high as 30% of society.
Again, guys are walking around all day not knowing .And we’ve heard from guys that have said that when they have taken gluten out of their diet they’ve had amazing reactions and seen that they’ve actually improved body fat when they felt they were stuck at certain plateaus for a long period of time. So, how does that relate to weight loss? That, I think, is the big thing, guys. Is gluten something that’s causing you to gain weight? And the answer is, I don’t know. I don’t think we can say that the gluten molecule is chemically causing you to gain weight, or doing something hormonally that’s making you gain weight. I don’t think there’s enough research to show that.
What is the easy observation, though? One of the things I think helps a lot is because of the types of foods we find these in, the refined carbohydrates that I’ve discussed already, cakes, sweets, you know, donuts, and again, some of these carbohydrates like pastas and breads. Remember, guys, it’s very hard to control serving sizes and portions of carbohydrates. You know, a chicken breast comes in a certain size, right? Different carbohydrates, you know, there’s no defined portion size. What do you do with your pasta? You pile on a plate of pasta.
So, if you were to eliminate your gluten-rich foods, you could be eliminating a whole lot of calories on top of a whole lot of carbohydrates and hydrophilic carbohydrates which are going to bring water in and retain water as well. So, weight can come off pretty easily, pretty quickly. So, I don’t know if necessarily the improvements we see by getting rid of gluten if we’re sensitive to it are coming from actually getting rid of the gluten molecule or getting rid of a lot of the crappy foods and all those other things too. I talked about the deli meats and all that. Guys, getting that out of your diet’s going to be a good thing anyway.
When we talk about nutrition here at the X Factor Meal Plan, we are focusing on whole foods. Good nutrition. Solid nutrient-based and dense foods, not the shortcut foods I like to call them like the deli meats, like the processed foods, like the refined carbohydrates. So, I’d say, do a test. If you find that you’re stuck at a certain body fat, try to remove some of the glutens from your diet. And I think you might be surprised. Not some of the gluten, try to remove all of the gluten from your diet. And, unless you’re celiac, guys, if you were diagnosed as a celiac candidate, then you got to get rid of it because it’s going to cause you some serious auto-immune issues that you are not going to be overcome any other way.
In the meantime, let me know what else you’d like to see. This again, this an article came as a request because guys wanted to know more about gluten-free and what it all means for them. So, more requests and you’ll get more an articles. See you guys soon!

How to Get a Six Pack – ULTIMATE STEP BY STEP GUIDE!! Part 1

How to Get a Six Pack - ULTIMATE STEP BY STEP GUIDE!!How to Get a Six Pack – ULTIMATE STEP BY STEP GUIDE!! – Are you tired of hearing about shortcuts to Six Pack Abs? Then guys, I’m with you. Pull up a chair. I’ve got you covered. I’m going to take you step by step to how to get a Six Pack regardless to what body fat level you’re at right now. What’s up guys, you’re looking for a step by step way to get to a Six Pack and you haven’t quite found that truthful information out there that’s going to get you there.
So what I wanted to do here put together an article where we specifically address how to get to a Six Pack depending upon the body fat level that you’re at right now, ok. We know that there is lots of different variations of body fat levels that we can have and the path to a Six Pack is going to greatly different depending upon where you’re at right now. So what I’m going to do is cover all the different ranges of body fat and tell you specifically what your path should be, what you should focus on and what you should ignore. So you can find that helpful an article that you’ve been looking for all along. So we’re going to kick it off right away with our first group, our 30-40% body fat level .Ok, first up, 30-40% body fat and note guys I’m saying body fat and not body weight. Because there will be some guys that are going to step on the field this weekend in the NFL play offs that are close to 300 pounds that are almost sporting Six Pack Abs. Because these guys are just complete beasts in terms of their physical development. They are not fat just because they weigh a lot. These are big men that have a lot of muscle. So you have to be careful when you distinguish. But that being said, this right here is what a guy at 30-40% body fat would look like. So if you can identify with this, your attack plan is as follows.

You want to focus 90%of your efforts on changing your nutrition habits, ok. And two things in particular. You want to make sure you’re making small changes. Small changes made over the course of time, right it didn’t take you a day to get to this point guys. So it’s not going to take you a day to get out of it. So you want to make small changes. And try to simplify your meal plan choices. Take 5 breakfasts that you actually enjoy eating and then rotate through those. That’s plenty of breakfast options to last you for many, many, many weeks. Without becoming boredor stale. Because a lot of guys wind up repeating the same meals anyway each and every day. Secondly, Supplementation. Do you need supplements at this point. My answer is NO.

You’re focusing on the man u c I a when you should be focusing on again, changing your overall diet ary habits. And at this point supplements are kind of a waste. Why? Because what winds up happening is these guys think that, Well I’m taking these supplements so I can be more lax on my diet here and that’s not the case. Matter of fact I tell guys, I don’t want to see an order for ATHLEANRX Supplements if you’re here. Because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. First let’s get your nutrition in order. We can worry about the supplementation later. And we’ll talk about that as we get down into the other groups. Thirdly, Conditioning. Conditioning is important guys. You gotta get your body moving. You have to establish a caloric deficit.

One of the best ways to do that is just through conditioning. However you know how I feel about steady state cardio. And I feel that, even here in early introduction to high intensity interval training, without the high intensity is the best way to go .So if your interval is even a two mile per hour slow walk with a four and a half mile per hour slow jog, if that’s what you can handle at the moment, that’s what you can handle. You can work yourself up. But I do think that incorporating intervals into your conditioning is key. Finally, Smart Strength Training. Yes it’s a good idea to be in the gym. Ok guys I will Continue This Article tomorrow,.

Lean and Lovely Fatloss Weightloss Program

Lean and Lovely Fatloss Weightloss ProgramLean and Lovely Fatloss Weightloss Program – Let me show you a really great metabolic work out that you can do with limited time and limited equipment, so i am actually gonna use one kettlebell today energy think all the latter a black it anytime the repetition of exercise or either ascending going up or descending going down.

You can use one metabolic exercise two metabolic exercises multiply kettlebell exercises today, i am gonna do two exercises and I chose a goblet squat and two swings those metabolic exercises that any body can do for the most part, you can modify them an so on and so forthbut they are really the most basic Kettlebell exercises doing a strict up anything latter.

I’m gonna combine in the two so why exercise repetitions are going to ascend other exercise repetitions are going to descend and without that is releasing even up work time, so you don’t end up with where you have a whole entrap at the very end, so we are gonna do ten goblet squats paired with five swings Metabolic Kettlebell Workout Lean and Lovely Fat loss Weight loss Program By Neghar Fonooni and on the next step we are gonna do 9 goblet squats paired with six swings as you can see the goblet squat are going down and the swings are going up.

I am gonna go ahead and do the first so you can see what it looks like i am gonna grab that kettlebelli am gonna pop it up to my chest, feet just outside of my hip my back is up nice and tall every day and how lovely only. I’ll down into the 30metabolic training workout this kettlebell metabolic workouts help me especially watch this kettlebell training first kettlebell exercise done if for whatever reason you need to make that a little more challenging, maybe you have a really like kettlebell and it is the only one you have to use rather than adding more at you can add a topic me everything all wrap does it look like this bring it back down to the ground bring it up as you can see i am still using my hip, not rounding my back when i put the kettlebell, you can do that 10 times as you can see i am out of breath i kind of already did a little metabolic kettlebell workout before this, but this can be very challenging you can take as much as you need in between the squat and the swing bear in mind the whole reason we doing metabolic kettlebell workout, is because we are on limited time.

So you can really do this workout like 10 minutes or less i need only five swings so i am just gonna go right into it remember that with the swing in sending my hip back and then driving them forward i think that was five right back to kettlebell goblet squat and do nine goblet squat and then i am gonna do six swings eight goblet squat seven swings until i am done to five goblet squats and ten swings i am always doing 15 repetitions, of course you can break down those numbers in any way you like the best is really quick easy. And even kind a fun way to get in a quick metabolic work out when you have very limited equipment and very limited time